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the WHAT

Our goal is to help create your website for you, with the intention of you being the owner of the final product. 

the WHY

Often times, web design companies require an ongoing maintenance subscription after the website has been built. When a customer no longer needs the website maintenance and desires to "exit" their plan, it can be difficult to transfer the website and take on ownership of the website. My goal is to ensure that your website is fully owned by you. If changes are needed in the future, you will be able to utilize the user friendly interface to make changes, or reach out on an adhoc bases to request modifications. 

the HOW

We utilize a user friendly web hosting platform to build your website. Prior to publishing the site, we will work together to transfer ownership of the site to you and assist you in upgrading your website subscription and connecting your domain. I will remain as an admin to the website in case you need additional assistance with future enhancement to your website. Design and development for your website is billed at an hourly rate, with an initial deposit due prior to development. Contact us for a free consultation!

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